Hi, everyone!!

Welcome to my blog.

I have always loved reading and would even write stories of my own from time to time. I would throw them out as soon as I was done, however, not wanting the man in my life to find them. They were too personal.

A few months ago, I woke up from a particularly vivid dream with a story in my head that I had to get on paper. When I went to get more coffee, my husband noticed what was on my computer screen. My heart dropped to my feet as he turned to me and asked, “What’s this?”

“It’s nothing.” I responded and hurried to close the window so that he couldn’t read more.

He grabbed the mouse before I could get to it and my face felt like it had burst into flames as he continued to read. After he was finished, he turned to me and asked something that had my mouth hanging open. “Are you going to publish this?”

I had never considered letting anyone else read my stories. They were just the romantic fantasies of a stay at home mom. My husband encouraged me to let a few others read what I had written and much to my surprise they all wanted me to continue the story.

Three manuscripts and a lot of research later. Here I am, a member of Romance Writers of America with an appointment to pitch to a Literary Agent at my local chapter’s conference next month.

I am hoping to one day soon write on this blog, “I’ve got a contract!” Until then, I will continue to use my family and my good friends at GCCRWA as sounding boards for all of my ideas.

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