My baby(WIP) is growing up!

Writing is like giving birth. Yes, you’ve probably heard that before. It takes a lot of pain to make something beautiful, but it is worth all the pain. This post is not about the writing process, though. What happens when your baby is all grown up and ready to head out into the world?

As you may know, I am leaving today for the Silken Sands Writers Conference at Pensacola Beach, Florida. I will be presenting my baby to an agent and an editor. These wonderful ladies have done this many times, but not with my baby.

My heart is pounding just thinking of what’s coming. I know my baby is ready for this, but that doesn’t make a mom any less anxious. What if they don’t like him/her? What if they try to change my baby into someone that I don’t recognize? Or the biggest anxiety, what if my baby does fine all on its own?

Okay, that last one might have some of you scratching your head. That is my biggest anxiety because then it will be out of my hands. I will get to give advice but the mothering is over.

Alright enough of this, here it is in plain English. Anxiety and excitement go hand in hand. I am afraid of the unknown, but it also gives me what can only be described as a rush of excitement. At this point, I’m not sure if I am shaking like a leaf from nerves or from the thrill. I want this so bad that I can’t stand it. I am ready!

Whoa, I am ready? Wow, just saying that made it clear. The excitement is definitely overwhelming the nerves. I will let you all know how it goes. Please keep me in mind.

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  1. Fly my little birdie! Fly!! (Gosh that is hard to even say!) You better keep me informed.

    • Don’t worry sis. I’ll text you as soon as I’m able to. You’ll know before anyone.

  2. A lot of people have that fear, so you aren’t alone. It’s the fear that…if they DO like your work and put it out for all to see, that you’ll have to go through this over and over and over again. You’ll do fine. It’s scary, exhilirating, and fairly nauseating, but once you’re talking to that agent/editor about what you’ve labored over for so long, you forget about nervousness and feel the passion you poured into your manuscript.

    Passion and enthusiasm are two of your best weapons in a pitch, at least I’ve found it to be that way 🙂

    Good luck!! And have fun.

    • Danica,

      Thanks so much.

      BTW, everyone click on Danica’s name to go to her website. She has some fun posts. 🙂

  3. Good luck Tammy!

    You sound just like a Mom at her child’s wedding. So happy that the child is getting married, but sad that your baby is grown up and leaving to go out on their own.

    Can’t wait till your famous!


    • Thanks Squeak! Can’t wait for you to be right beside me on the bestseller’s list.

  4. I feel your excitement! I’m smiling for you. Good luck!


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