Patience? Not so much.

If you don’t have patience, you shouldn’t be an author! An author is ALWAYS waiting for something.

  1. First, you wait for your muse to tell you what comes next. This is a hard one. You can’t get mad at your muse or say anything bad about him/her, because then s/he would leave you and where would you be? It’s frustrating, but most of the time if you pamper them enough, your muse will come through for you yet again.
  2. Next is editing. You have a critique partner? Great! The critique partner has a life and doesn’t get back to you for weeks. (Even though you do the same with their MS, it’s still a pain when it’s you who has to wait)
  3. This is the fun part! Your MS is back from your critique partner and it looks as though it has been in a scene from Spartacus. Red marks all over it (why did I spell tongue, tonke?), time to correct all of your mistakes.
  4. You have edited your MS to within an inch of its life, time to send the query letter. You can expect to wait 2-6 months for a response.
  5. Congratulations! The editor/agent requested a partial and/or synopsis (ugh, I hate synopsis but that’s a story for a different day). This means more waiting.
  6. Whoo Hooo! A request for the full! More waiting (this is where I am right now). This is the last step before you get an offer, which means that it is excruciating. The days seem to creep by.

I have no patience. My family will be happy to give you examples of how much of a pain I am when I have to wait. Is it worth all the stress? YES!!!! I will continue to wait ( not so patiently) every time that I write an MS. When you want something badly enough, you will walk through fire to get it!

What do you do to ease the stress of impatience? (Seriously, I need to know before my family throws me in the loony bin!)

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  1. Write the next one. 🙂 It’s the only thing about the process you can control.

    • Thanks Jamie. That is VERY good advice.

  2. Jamie’s absolutely correct. While you’re sitting on pins and needles, your muse is most likely working up the next story for you to write and rather than ignore it, why not go along for the ride? I wrote the majority of my 2nd manuscript while waiting to hear about the first. Besides, just think how awesome it would be if that offer comes and you can say ‘well, I’m working on my second book right now’…lol

    Other than that, read, try to relax and forget about it as much as you can. (easier said than done)

    • Danica,

      It would be more like “I’ve completed 3 manuscripts and I’m working on another.” You and Jamie are both correct, when you’re writing, you can escape the worries of this world and find another. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Hi, Tammy!

    Fabulous blog! And fabulous to meet both you and your muse at my inaugural Muse Therapy Live Workshop at GCCRWA’s Silken Sands Conference!

    Well…after attending Muse Therapy Live…you know me and my muses have a major patience issue. LOL!

    And you probably know my solution too…I pamper my creative divas with everything they adore. So it’s a bunch of chocolate, fabulous martinis, and kick-ass images of any kind that make them keep their BITCHOK groove on (Butt In The Chair Hands On Keyboard)!

    Whatever makes ’em tick and dance across my pages, that’s what they get…as long as it’s legal…LOL!

    I also put them in the same “therapy” I teach! LOL! You can catch us next at beginning April 5th! You can sign-up til 3/31!

    I’d love to see you and your fabulous muse there!

    It was such a treat to meet you both!

    And congrats on your submission requests! Sounds like pitching on the beach agreed with you and your muses too!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Wishes — D. D. Scott

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop!! You are an inspiration to me and my muses!

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