Mad Muse!

I stupidly decided that I would wait to write the final book in my Impending Reveries saga and now my muse is mad.

This was my reasoning: I’ve already written 3 stories in the saga without the first being sold. When I get a contract, the editor will suggest changes, this is normal. My thought: Why finish the saga when I might have to go back and change it all?


I have started 5 new stories but I can’t get past the first couple of pages. My muse won’t let me. I have the ENTIRE book for my saga playing like a movie in my head. I can’t concentrate on anything else!

My solution: Write the damned story! I am giving in. I have apologized to my muse and will now do what she says! (I’m not sure that this will appease her, wine and chocolates may be called for.)

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  1. Don’t you know by now…you can’t ingnore the voices in your head!!(At least not without medication!) She going to keep screaming at you untill you listen!! Kinda like a big sister. ( wonder I like her)

    • Thanks so much, Sis. Now I’m afraid that she’ll take her flip-flop off and beat me with it!

  2. Perhaps add a martini to your chocolate and wine “therapy”!

    Then at least, if you crack your muse on the ass with your flip-flops, or vice versa, neither of you will feel the pain as bad…LOL!!!

    I always go for a good ‘ole kick in the pants w/my favorite cowboy boots!

    Whatever works…ohhh yeahhhh!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart Muse Therapy Wishes — D. D. Scott

    • MMMMMMM martini or maybe a daiquiri. Good idea!

  3. Yes, sometimes those muses of ours tend to overtake everything else. I’m struggling with my muse at the moment as well, so I know the feeling, lol. My problem is though, my muse doesn’t know what she wants to write.

    • Pamper yourself and your muse will be happy 🙂 I hope it gets better for you soon.

  4. Mine always demands to write a short story instead of getting down to work on the next novel chapter. As long as she’s wanting to write, I generally let her go — almost futile to stop her. :)))


    • She always wins the battle. I don’t know why I fight her.

  5. Hey, a muse is like a kid at a carnival. Let her run! If she makes it through the scary rides without throwing up, nothing can stop her!She’ll find her favorites and settle in.

    I try to stick to hot teas lately, although when I need a realistic fight scene I listen to Scottish rock bands (Off Kilter is one of them. “Follow me up to Carlow” is my favorite song!) and take a couple slugs of Jameson or–if I’m feeling really intense–a shot or two of Macallan. Being Irish it only ‘warms’ me bit. lol Save the chocolate for bed! Anything else is wasting it!

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