WIP’s – What was I thinking?

Due to a dream that I had recently, I pulled out my WIP list. Just the number of files on this list had me worried. There are more stories than I have fingers! How did that happen?

My creative process is simple: I get ideas while I’m sleeping. Writer’s block? Time for a nap! It should come as no surprise that many stories are forgotten as new ones fill my head, but I had no idea there were that many!

After I got over the shock of the length of my list, I opened the first one to remind myself what it was about. Good hook in the first paragraph, I like the characters, then BOOM, the story got weird! I don’t mean wierd in a good way, I mean a “What was I thinking?” weird.

Personalities became fuzzy, the story was all over the place, and one sentence was written in gibberish. It appears that my fingers shifted on the keyboard without me noticing and I kept writing. It took me a while but I finally translated that sentence. It still didn’t make sense, but at least it was in English.

The delete button became my best friend. I don’t know if there is any chance to save this storyline, but I’m going to try. I have learned my lesson though. When my eyes get droopy and my thinking gets cloudy, I will step away from the keyboard.

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  1. That’s the worst feeling to keep typing when your mind’s drifting and your fingers numb!

    • It happens WAY too frequently for me!

  2. I dream up a lot of story lines, but most of the time forget them before I wake up. There are only a few that I remember and made note to remember now, but most of my idea come from my drive time. That’s when my brain goes into thinking mode the most. So I have a feeling if I got severe writer’s block, I’d need a road trip. And yes, so many stories, so little time!

    • Well, if you need a little road trip you can come see me. 🙂

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