Meet My Hubby’s Girlfriend

When my hubby and I were dating, he invited me to his house for dinner and to meet his kids. Imagine my surprise when he told me that he also wanted to introduce me to his “girlfriend!”

He led me to a corner of the room and pointed to this:

She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Look at those curves!

Seriously, though, he would protect this thing with his life. We live in lower Alabama (L.A.) and have frequent visits from hurricanes. The first thing he does when bad weather approaches is put this beauty between two mattresses. He then wraps the mattresses in a tarp so that if the roof blows off, it will still be protected.

Only after the clock is taken care of do we start making plans for our safety. I truly love my hubby, but at times like that I’d love to knock him upside the head!

Does your significant other have quirks you’d love to beat out of them?

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  1. oh my where do I even begin…!!!!

    • Sometimes a hubby needs more than one beating to get the point across LOL

  2. Well, you have to admit she IS gorgeous. 😉

    My hubs is quite attached to his his record collection. He loves his old vinyl albums, but he hasn’t tried stuffing them between mattresses. Yet.

    • Yes, she is. I’ve fallen in love with her myself!

      As long as your hubs doesn’t sleep with them, I think you’ll be okay. 😉

  3. She’s lovely! See, this makes much more sense than my husband’s obsession with the Shop-vac!


    • I don’t know about that. You know how men like things that suck 😉

  4. omg that’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. seriously. if you want it out of your life, I know a guy with a truck wink wink nudge nudge *cough*

    and I haven’t been with my S.O. long enough yet for his “quirks” to shine through. 😉

    • I think we’ll keep her. Now if I could just teach her to clean and do laundry ….

  5. It IS a beautiful clock…I can see why he’d be so attached.

    Hm, in my family it’s computers first, everything else last. I’m not joking. When we have to evacuate, we have laptops, desk tops, external hard drives, etc.

    • Those are VERY good choices, especially for a writer.:)

  6. Wow! What an awesome clock. She is so beautiful it almost makes me want to switch sides! 🙂

    • Don’t do that. We’re not willing to share her 😉

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