Romance Yardsale

I know I said that I wouldn’t do this but, it’s for a good cause AND it’s fun. So here’s some shameless advertising for some friends of mine Bria Quinlan and  MG Buehrlen:

Once upon a time, (What? They’re YA writers. A fairy tale seems appropriate!) in a land far away, there were two girls who loved to write. They found each other in a magical box that contained something called “the internet.” Becoming fast friends, they decided that it was time to meet each other face to face.

They learned of a grand ball that was to be held for people like them (RWA conference), but alas, the cost of the trip was far beyond their means. The girls were broken-hearted, until an idea struck. They could put out a call for help on the magical box and offer fun things in exchange for the money they would need. It was a brilliant plan!

Their happily ever after can not be complete without some linkage. So go here: romance yardsale and buy cool stuff like this (the shirt, not me):

and help to write their happily ever after!

PS: Remember my birthday is in July. *hint, hint*

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  1. Good Luck with your sale, Tammy. Will check it out. Really enjoyed the Cynthia Eden’s second book that I won. I alread owned the first one. Am saving #3 for a restful read in Atlanta. Rita

  2. Love the shirt!

    • Thank you! It got some really odd looks at Walmart though LOL

  3. I particularly like the “hint hint” – I tried this with my best guy friend once, and he totally wasn’t getting it. Finally, another guy in the story looked at him and said “either buy her that book for her birthday, or everyone here will know you’re an idiot.”

    And yet, I didn’t get the book LOL

    Thanks for sharing our link Tammy!

    • My hubby is the type who asks “What are you buying yourself for (insert holiday here)?” Maybe this will be the year that he gets me something himself.

      PS: He DID get me flowers for Mother’s Day, so maybe…

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