Is it a lie or an imagination?

My son has a sunburn.

Normally, this would cause mild pain, itching, and burning sensations. In my child, a sunburn is a paralyzing deformity. He’s an embellisher.

Of course, every time that he tells a lie, that little voice in my head (my mom) tells me that it’s payback. Growing up, I was a story-teller. Half of the things I would tell people were not complete truths.

Now that I’m a writer, I’m glad that I got all of that practice growing up. I can make a story believable because I learned to lie.

I don’t want to encourage my child to lie, but it’s healthy to have an imagination. I allow the small embellishments (Mom, I just saw a green elephant walk by.), but there is a line.

He flirts with this line often and I have to point it out again. I probably wouldn’t catch as many of his lies, but when he says them, it comes out more like a question. He’s asking my permission for his latest embellishment. (Mom, the cat just jumped off the roof?)

I know, I know, I shouldn’t encourage this type of behavior. But, hey, he might be a writer some day or…. a politician ~cringe~

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  1. Eww. Hopefully NOT a politician.

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