Star Trek and other sexy nerds

I’m in love with a nerd. (Yes, I know that I’m a nerd to, but that’s not the point!) Right this moment, he is watching a tribute to Star Trek.

A twitter friend of mine tweeted a line from Star Trek yesterday and I knew what he meant immediately. It’s not my fault; it’s my hubby’s! He has every episode ever made on VHS (He thinks DVDs are evil) AND cataloged. He has a three-ring binder with them listed in alphabetical order and by tape number.

If this isn’t nerdy enough, a few weeks ago, Revenge of the Nerds marathon came on. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning! He has all of them on tape but this was his chance to record them all in order on one tape. (Yes, I rolled my eyes as I yelled, “That’s great!” over my shoulder as I left the room.)

There are a million nerdy things he does a day that are eyes-rolling annoying and at the same time swell my heart with love. I LOVE MY NERD!

He’s not the hero from romance novels, but he’s MY hero. Every male character that I create has a little bit of him in them. I know that I rant about him from time to time, however that’s not because I don’t appreciate him. His little quirks are sexy to me (in large doses, though, they can get annoying).

Do you see your real life hero in your fantasy heros?

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  1. Absolutely. My husband is every man.

  2. Oooo, talk nerdy to me, baby! (Everyone in my family is a nerd & proud of it.)

  3. I’m a nerd and while I’m single, I’m looking for my Mr. Nerd. I love smart men, but only if they’re not the kind that talks down to people.

  4. Candyland,
    Don’t worry, I won’t tell him. (Don’t want his head to swell!)

    I should have guessed that you’re a nerd, but the cigar strip fooled me. 😉

    I hate that too! Just because I say y’all doesn’t mean that you’re smarter than me!
    PS: Here’s a wish for your Nerdy Ever After (Sorry, had to do the pun)

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