Creative Writer Blogger Award

Danica Avet has bestowed another blog award on me. But before I begin, I have something to say about this lovely lady. Are you ready?


Now back to the award.

Here’s how it works:
I have to list either six outrageous lies and one truth or vice versa and nominate 7 friends for the award.
Here are my lies…or truths:
  1. I use the name Donna when clubbing.
  2. My favorite pastime is playing slots.
  3. My first bad grade was in conduct.
  4. I got my first kiss in the school “sick room.”
  5. I am friends on Facebook with 2 ex’s
  6. I am team Edward in the books and team Jacob in the movies
  7. I read the Twilight saga 7 times
And the nominees are:
  1. Ten Minute Missive
  2. Say Caity
  3. Muffintopmommy
  4. Love, Power, & Fairytale Endings
  5. Kiersten Writes
  6. Reena’s Blog
  7. The Misadventures In Candyland

(I’m starting to regret my post the other day about lies.) So, which ones are the lies and which are the truths?

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  1. LOL, thanks for the happy dance, Tammy! *wiggles*

    Okay, so I’m going to take a stab at this and say that #2 is a lie? Hm…yeah, I’m going to take #2.

    Glad you reposted!

    • Wow, you know me so well. Maybe that’s because we’re going to be roommates at the “Dirty Old Lady Nursing Home” LOL!

  2. I’m guessing #3 is the truth because I want to know what the “sick room” is:)

    And maybe I’m missing something because I’m dog-tired, but…which award did you give me? :/

    (THANKYOUTHANKYOU by the way!!!)

    • #3 IS the truth.

      Here’s the sick room story: we didn’t have a school nurse, but we did have a sick room. It was a small room (not much bigger than a closet) that had a cot set up for sick kids to wait on until their parents came to get them. Me and my crush at the time went into this room and he laid one on me. My reaction, “Ewww, gross!” (I had never heard about French kissing.) Imagine my embarrassment when my sister told me that was what a “real kiss” was.

      • Oh, shoot! I had forgotten to put the award up! I’m so stupid :p

  3. Thanks Tammy!

    I vote that these are six lies with the one truth being the sick room one.

    • Nope! All of them are true except # 2. Can you guess what my favorite pastime is? Wait, don’t answer that. This blog is rated PG.

  4. What a great story though! First kisses are so unique. And thanks, again for the award (now I can see it!)

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