Talking to Books

Yes, I’m one of those. I’m a talker. Whether it’s a book or a movie, I talk to the characters and sometimes scream out my frustrations to the inanimate objects.

Yesterday was one of those days. My hubby has almost gotten used to it, but yesterday he was shocked. He was in the other room watching Star Trek when I started talking to the book.

Me: Oh, man! This sucks!

Him: Bad book or tortured character?

Me: Neither.

When I didn’t explain, he came to me and sat in a chair for one of his pep-talks, I suspect. He took in my pouted lip and the way my eyes never left the computer. Finally, I turned and explained.

It was a really great story. In fact the blurb had me hooked. I bought it without noticing that it was a short story. And that was the problem. The end came before I wanted it to. I wanted more.

Hubby, of course, rolled his eyes. Being a non-reader, he just doesn’t understand the way that I feel about books. The characters are real to me and I experience what they experience.

So, hubby thinks I’m crazier than ever. I don’t care. Those characters will live on in my mind and he can just go watch Star Trek.

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  1. Well, at least it left you wanting more, that’s a successful short story.

    • The author did a great job. I really did love it.

  2. “They” just don’t get it. Lol.

    • Wait, does that mean your hubs is a non-reader?

  3. I had that…I recently read a book that sounded great. And it was great…then it came to the end and the hero DIED! I walked into my mother’s room, threw the book on her bed and pouted. I don’t like the main characters dying in books. Call me a dreamer, but in my world everyone has a happy ending. *sniff* It was a good book, great even…but dammit all I could think was “Thou shall not kill the hero or heroine!” and not bring them back to life after. Cause if they come back from the dead and are the same as before, that’s great. *sniff* I’m still pouting about it two weeks later!

    • OMG! I don’t understand how an author can survive doing that. I bawl my eyes out when my hero and heroine have a fight. Killing one of them would probably end with me in a mental ward.

      PS: Here’s a *hug* for your broken heart.

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