Last Week of School

This is the last summer of my son’s childhood. Next summer he will be *gasp* A TEENAGER!!!! (OMG, I’m scared!) So, I need to think of some cool things to do with him.

We could go to the beach. Due to the oil spill, that might not be as fun this year. Last year wasn’t that fun either, come to think of it. There were jellyfish everywhere. My son was running ahead of me, looking for shells, when he noticed something blue. I got to him just in time. He was about to touch the pretty blue jellyfish. I jerked him back, but as I explained what it was, a dog wandered up. Curiosity doesn’t only affect cats. The poor dog started yelping in pain, his owner started yelling for him, and my son starting sobbing.

Okay, so maybe no beach.

Board games, reading, and nature hikes sound pretty good, but will he agree? His temperament is more like a teenager’s every day. Heaven help me! Is there any way to skip the teenage years?

Sorry for the “Mommy mopes.” What are your plans for the summer? (And advice on teenager prevention will be appreciated)

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  1. I don’t have children, so I never really had to worry about that, but when my nephews were that age, we got a pool that kept them occupied for quite a while. Actually…that still works. Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t help 😦 My nephews were big video game fanatics and when they weren’t at soccer camps, they were playing their games. You’ll figure something out, I’m sure!

  2. Teenage behavior is nature’s way of making sure you don’t miss them too much when they finally leave home. 😉

  3. Ugh. Summer. It’s really no different for me since the babe is only 3, but still…Ugh. That’s all I have to say about that:)

  4. Danica, if you want, I’ll loan you my son for the summer. (just kidding) Video games are his life. I’m trying to get him into the real world LOL. The pool is a great idea.

    Candyland, your day is fast approaching. Just as you start getting used to the free time of her being away at school, summer will come.

  5. The pool is great! Think about a day at the zoo or something, cause I know he loves animals. (Good for you trying to get him to do more outside stuff.)
    And as for teenageer stuff…Sorry sis it doesn’t get alot better. The atitude is sooo different from what you have been use to. You have to keep finding ways to connect with him. Cause soon it will be all girls!!(AAHHHH!!!!!)

    And it would be a good break for you too! ❤

    • You just want me to get a pool so you can come swim LOL.

  6. Go for the pool aunt tammy!!! LOL and im not just saying that cuz im less then 2 minutes away, and alabama summers are dead hot lol

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