Spammers, Spammers, Everywhere

I blog, I tweet, and I have an email account, so of course I have spam. What I don’t get though is why these spammers think that I am a man with male pattern baldness and ED, who wants to find a “date” with a barely legal girl.

The email, yeah okay, there’s no picture to see that I am a woman. But Twitter and this blog? I don’t look like a man. Do I? I clearly have long hair and I talk about being a wife and mother. Why don’t they  research who they’re spamming? Oh that’s right because they are SPAMMERS!!!!

Here’s a little tidbit for you spammers out there. Something that authors and other public figures have to keep in mind.


I write romance, so if I went to ESPN to advertise, I’d be missing my audience. ESPN has primarily male fans and romance is mainly a woman’s genre. I’m not saying that women don’t watch ESPN or that men don’t read romance but my advertising would be more effective on a channel such as Lifetime.

So spammers, stop trying to convince this WOMAN that she needs enhancement for her male-ness. Okay? Thanks.

Blog peeps: What’s your favorite spam to get?

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  1. For awhile I was getting the ED e-mails but the spammers would write a little poem in the message. They were hilarious! Stuff like, “Don’t be a fool, get a bigger tool…”

  2. Good morning. I’m sure you’ll be interested in a new product I want to share with you: Scared Stiff!

    It’s a new concept in ED treatment: a lust/fear hormone crossover. The beauty of it is, it makes performance anxiety work FOR you instead of against you!

    Just sent $759.99 to my PayPal account, and you too can have the, um, enhancement of your dreams!

  3. I keep getting spam for shower curtains or something. I stopped paying attention after a while, but it is annoying. But really, shower curtains? It might not have been shower curtains *frown* Eh, it’s all junk anyway 🙂

  4. Someone out there is certain that I need viagra, and yes, like you Tammy, I’m woman.

  5. HappyLife, if they were poetic, I might not mind it as much.

    Linda, LMAO!

    Danica, shower curtains, wow. Are they pretty?

    Tahlia, I wonder if I bought some would they shut up?

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