For Memorial Day

I’ve mentioned before that my hubby is a disabled veteran. When he saw that I was searching through photos to post for Memorial Day, he made a request. I’ve heard the story a thousand times and it stills gives me chills.

On December 12, 1985, 248 men and women died in the tragedy of Arrow Air Flight 1285. My hubby knew 212 of them personally. (He had even trained some of them.) My hubby had recently been transferred to Berlin when this happened. If he hadn’t, he would have been on that plane.

This was supposed to be a “peacekeeping mission” but it turned into a tragedy. They weren’t in the middle of a battle zone. They had no way to defend themselves against this.

My point is: they are HEROES! It’s not how they died that makes them heroes; it’s how they lived.

Every man and woman who joins the military is a hero. They know they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. That is what makes them a hero.

On this Memorial Day, let’s not argue over whether the war we are fighting is worth it. It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that these men and women would lay down their life for YOU. Whether it’s in your backyard or halfway around the world.


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  1. That makes me cry everytime I hear it! Or any other story of this nature. We are blessed to have men and women that are willing to die for our freedom. But I can’t help getting extremely emotional about any of our service men or women. Don’t exactly know why I get overly emotional but I always do. I have even walked up to complete strangers that were in uniform and shook their hand and told them THANK YOU!

    So let me say it agian to ALL that are serving or have served…THANK YOU!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. We all need to remember and to remind others of the people who have made, and continue to make, this country the safe and great one that it is. I give thanks for your husband, and for mine, and for all my military family, many long past who lost their lives.

  3. May God bless all our past and present soldiers. May God bless Tammy & her husband, Barry, my father-in-law, Ed Armeen who was a WWII Veteran, My brother Ed who is a Vietnam Veteran, and all their families who have suffered with them. Thank you all for your sacrifices. Thank you for keeping us free! Thank you for keeping the war away from most of us. May God bless all our loved ones who have passed away. I miss them so very much. May God bless you all.

  4. Today is a day to remember the people who’ve fought for the freedoms we Americans have today. You’re absolutely right, Tammy, whether you agree with war efforts or not, honor the people who put their lives at stake for our sakes.

  5. Ooh Rah!

  6. Susan, you have always been empathetic to a fault. I love this about you.

    CurtissAnn, in my opinion, people should think about it a LOT more often than they do. Thank you and your hubby for the time he served to keep us safe.

    Aunt Kathie, thank you for adding some of our other family members. I’m proud of each one of them.

    Danica, I’ve had MANY heated discussions over this. It pisses me off when people disrespect the sacrifice our soldiers make. Thank you for understanding.

    Kelly, though it’s Memorial Day and you’re a veteran, I still want to say thank you for serving.

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