The Adventures of … my son?

I recently gave my son The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This book is a classic and I think that he’ll enjoy it, but I’m starting to get worried.

The language in the book is not what I’m worried about. He knows that there are some words in it that he is not allowed to say. We have discussed certain words and their meanings and he doesn’t understand why people would use a word to cause anyone pain. (For that matter, I don’t understand it either.)

What I am worried about is simple: will Tom be a bad influence on my son? I am VERY overprotective and that boy got into some MAJOR mischief. What if my son thinks it would be fun to experience some of the things that Tom did?

I know I’m being silly and I’m not going to stop him from reading it. Venting my worries here has made me feel a little better. And the closest river is a thirty minute drive, so at least I don’t have to worry about that part.

Did you have “friends” that influenced your childhood shenanigans? (They can be characters in a book or real life.)

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  1. Hahaha…you know I did! 😛 But I don’t think I should name them….. they know who they are and that’s all that matters 😀


  2. I read too many books for any one of the characters in them to have a strong effect on me.

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