Fireflies and a Suicidal Guitar

My son is annoying! Don’t get me wrong, I love him to pieces, but sometimes I wish he had a mute button.

The latest thing that has me so annoyed is his favorite song. He loves to sing, and his favorite song is the ONLY song he sings. If we’re driving down the road and a good song comes on the radio, he starts singing. The problem is that he doesn’t sing what’s on the radio, he sings his favorite song.

The song of the moment is Fireflies. Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad song. I didn’t hate it the first time I heard it. After the 10 millionth time, however, it gets a little annoying.

Because it is his favorite song, he decided to learn to play it on his guitar. So now his daily guitar practice is another excuse for him to sing it at the top of his lungs, until recently. You see, his guitar couldn’t take it any more and attempted suicide!

My ears have finally stopped bleeding. Just in time, he had the string replaced. The poor guitar has been brought back to life and to celebrate, my son is singing.

Tell me what you did to terrorize your family growing up.

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  1. I grew on up classic rock, but I’m getting punished with Hannah Montana:/

  2. I used to ask “why” all the time. Seriously. ALL the time. Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why this, why that? If someone answered (usually my mom) with “Because” I’d shoot right back with “because why?” or “why because?” It annoyed them to no end. Honestly, they didn’t like me because of it. Of course, this insatiable curiosity helps me when I’m writing, but still…I think I’d have to gag my child (if I had one) and they asked why all the time.

  3. Candyland, my son likes her too. The only difference is he likes to WATCH her. I don’t think it’s her singing he likes 😉

    Danica, OOO, that’s annoying! How did you survive childhood?

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