Writers NEED to Read

I had an argument a discussion with a family member yesterday about why I read. He didn’t understand the writer’s need to read.

For starters, we need to keep up to date as to what is being sold. I skim all of the best seller lists and notice what genre each book is. This helps me to know how my current projects will be received by the public.

We also need to read books from the publishers that we are considering. I go to their websites and click through to buy their new releases. This lets me see what they like. The voice, genre, and story length.

If the story I’m considering writing has a similar book out there; I MUST read it and consider if mine will be different enough to sell.

Reading has always been a hobby of mine but now that I’m a writer, it’s also work. I love my job!!!! 🙂

Why do YOU read?

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  1. I read because I’m addicted to it. I should go to RAA or something. When I’m feeling depressed, I grab an old familiar book. When I’m experiencing writer’s block, I search out new books hoping it’ll help spark an idea. Not that I try to re-write what I’m reading, but because for some reason my brain just takes off while I’m lost in a book. I’ve come up with some wicked ideas like that.

  2. I read because I like to get lost in the fantasy of a new story. I like my books to be real in the sense I can almost feel myself there, but with enough fantasy qualities to make it interesting for me and not like another day of my life.

    Also if I am in a depressing mood I like to read sad romances…Even those that end horribly to the main character. It makes what I am going through not as bad when the main character dies or the person they love dies…yes I am morbid 😛 but it makes my fight with someone not so big 😀

  3. Danica, that’s another great reason for writers to read! Our imagination is our livelihood and whatever we can do to help it along is what we need to do.

    Faith, yep, you’re weird. Just kidding. I get in those moods too, and it does seem to help.

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