A Mom’s Internal Conflict

Internal  conflict happens to us all. As a mom, my most frequent conflict is dealing with my child growing up.

On one hand, it seems like only yesterday that I held the tiny baby in my arms. He relied on me for everything and I could protect him from the world.

On the other side, he will not act his age! He just interrupted my writing by saying, “I’m thirsty.” My response was simple, “Well then, get you something to drink.” I tried (and failed) not to roll my eyes. He’s 12 years old!! He should know how to get a drink of water when he’s thirsty!

Do you see the conflict? It breaks my heart to see him growing up so fast but it infuriates me when he doesn’t act his age. Oh well, maybe he’ll grow out of it. Until then, Mom will have to deal with her internal conflict.

So, tell me, have you had any good conflicts lately?

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  1. Um, my oldest nephew is turning 21 in September. I hate to say it…but we still do everything for him, especially his mom. “Mom…Mom? Could you fix me something to eat?” She does and brings it to him. “Could you fix me a glass of water?” And she does. Everyone else in the family, including her youngest son, does for themselves. I don’t know what it is about him, but everyone does for him. It’s infuriating and fascinating.

    Oh. And um, hm, no conflicts that I can think of, lol

  2. Yes. My daughter had to pee but when I sat her on the toilet she refused:/

  3. My nearly 16 year old asked me to get her a glass of water just yesterday! I informed her that I wasn’t her slave, then I laughed. It was so ridiculous.

    On another matter, I see on your facebook button, that you have your name underneath but not the updates and fan stats. Mine came up with those two additions and I don’t want them there, but I don’t know how to get rid of them. I can’t even remember how I got the button there in the first place.

    Can you help.

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