Stopping the Downward Spiral

I haven’t been on Twitter or Facebook for a while and even my blogging has become a half-hearted effort. One of the reasons is I’ve been busy. Summertime offers a LOT of distractions. But that’s not the only reason. I’ve been in a downward spiral.

Summertime is always an emotional roller coaster. Spending time with family is like that. I love seeing them and spending time with them but I miss MY time.

Added to the summertime stress is the set-backs I’ve had in writing. First, it’s hard to write when you have a houseful of people ALL wanting your attention. Then there’s the rejection letters. Wow, have they started rolling in.

I can’t pinpoint when I started shutting myself off from everyone, but suddenly, it’s clear that I have. I’m changing that NOW!

I’m already a recluse when it comes to “real life” so I refuse to become a recluse from my online friends. You have all been so supportive with your comments and tweets and facebook messages. Thank you for sticking with me.

Now, I’m going to put my headphones on and go tweet. Or maybe I should Facebook first. Or, better yet, I’ll do both! 🙂 I’m feeling better already.

So, tell me, whatcha’ doin’??

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  1. Welcome back. 🙂 I tend to crawl into my cave during stressful times, too, so I understand. Helps me recharge, so I can face the world refreshed.

    Sorry about the rejections–they always sting, no matter how much we hear from others that they are just part of the package of being a writer. But you can take away a lot of their power to hurt you if you just don’t let them stop you. Take anything useful from them, apply it to your writing, and ignore the rest.

    The important thing is not to stop writing. Sure, allow yourself breaks–especially during busy real life time, like summer–but keep the writing on the back burner, simmering, even then. It’s amazing what your mind can cook up while you’re doing other things. 🙂

  2. Welcome back, Tammy! You were missed *sniff*.

    Eh…we had a Twitter discussion about this last night. We’re starting the Rejection Club (official name pending) because it seems everyone’s been getting them lately. It’s all good though. It’s a learning process.

    Me Time is important. If you have to grab your laptop (or a notebook) and head for the hills, you should…at least for an hour or two. Stifling all of that creativeness isn’t a good thing cause then you might erupt…although maybe that’s not a bad thing? Cause then you’d be in a writing frenzy, forget to eat, forget to bathe, forget to shift from your left butt cheek to your right when you’ve been sitting too long…*ponders*

  3. I hear ya on the rejections…

  4. Hey Tammy, commiserations on the rejections. As Linda said, it’s part of the package of being a writer. I just posted ‘How to handle rejection’ on my blog, so you might find a few helpful hints there to take the sting away.

  5. Linda, thanks for the welcome back and the advice. Summer can be crazy for me, but at least I’m not alone.

    Danica, the rejection club is just what we need. Let’s all get drunk and sing karaoke to celebrate 😉

    Candyland, thanks for the *hugs* I needed that.

    TahliaN, a lot of blogs seem to be talking about rejection lately. I guess we’re all in the same boat.

  6. Ladies thanks for keeping Tammy uplifted!!! Or a swift kick in the butt….whichever works better at the time. She is my little sis(even though she is taller than me) and I can only do so much before she tunes me out. Sisters…..

    And that’s where the swift kick in the butt comes in!! ROFL Love ya sis!! ❤

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