Good Intentions Down the Drain

My recent blog about getting back to my online stuff had me really excited. I was truly looking forward to reconnecting. But, alas, fate had other ideas.

What has happened in the past week:

  • A death in the family
  • Hubby’s back went out
  • 12-year-old acting like he’s 2
  • And the bleeping phone company has been working on the bleeping lines which means no internet!!!

So let me just say AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, what I’ve been doing despite all of that:

  • Getting my new story plotted out (it’s almost ready to be written)
  • Since I’ve heard back from all of the submissions (rejections), I’ve been tweaking Impending Reveries and getting it ready for the next round of submissions
  • Catching up on my TBR pile
  • Visiting with family 🙂
  • Fighting with Hubby about doctor’s orders 😦
  • Trying to convince 12-year-old to act his age

So, if I’m unable to get back to you for a while, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m still here. Gathering more gray hair by the minute.

What have you been doing?

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  1. Sorry about the death in the family. I also had that last week. And we’ve also had internet problems. It’s awesome you’re still getting things done despite the obstacles though!

  2. Aw *hug* Sorry about the edeath in your family, your hubby’s back, and your internet. Glad you could pop in for a little while at least!

    Not much going on in my world. Same old, same old really.

  3. WOOHOO! Your back!!! 🙂 I was wondering about you. Good for you for keeping up with “your” stuff too. So many times we get sooo stressed out and run ragged over “life”. Only a mom can really balance it all. So good for you for being a good mom!!! Just don’t forget that this writing is your way of escape from reality so NEVER push your writing away!!!!!!!
    Love ya ❤

  4. Maybe the internet went out so you could concentrate on those other things. Made it easier to not be distracted by things that maybe were not as important.

  5. Been worried about you chickadee!!! We’ve missed you at the GCCRWA. Let me hear from you, ok????

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