Gifts of Underwear

In honor of the birthday gift I received from my hubby, I thought I’d point out the difference between men and women, yet again.

When a man receives underwear as a gift from his spouse, the following conversation ALWAYS occurs:

“What’s wrong with the underwear I’ve got?”

“Well for starters, they have holes in them.”

“They might have a few holes but all the important parts are covered.”

“They also have stains on them.”

“Yeah, I know. The stains hold them together. That’s why there’s no holes on that part!”

This leads to the spouse breaking down and throwing out the old undies so that the man has no choice but to accept the gift. (And if your hubby is like mine, you hide the undies at the bottom of the trash bag so he doesn’t dive in to “rescue” them.)

When a woman receives undies from the man in her life, a conversation rarely occurs, but the thoughts of each are very clear.

The man thinks, I’m sure to get laid for this gift.

The woman has thoughts that are different, but normally leads to the man getting his wish. This is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn. I wonder how long I have to wear it before I can take it off.

So, there you have it, yet another difference between men and women. Any questions?

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  1. HAHA! No questions here.

  2. LOL, I think you’ve explained it all perfectly!

  3. You are so correct! Good to hear from you!

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