Facebook, Cell Phone, and MP3, Oh My

I am a mom who is “plugged in” every waking hour. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, surfing, you get the idea. Being such a plugged in mom, it might surprise you that I have a son who is not. He wants to be but I’m VERY overprotective.

As parents, we have to let the little ones out of the nest sometime. So I finally got the ball rolling. I set up a Facebook account for him. I wanted to cry as I set it up. My baby, out there in the big, bad cyberworld. *tear*

Before you get too excited, let me remind you that I am a mean mommy. He is only allowed online when I am in the room. He is not allowed to open any messages or accept friend requests without my approval. (Did I mention I’m overprotective?)

I have also decided that he will have a cell phone and an MP3 player within the next year. My baby boy is becoming a young man and each step makes me want to curl into a fetal position and sob.

I hope it gets easier (though I know it won’t). So, parents, what milestones ripped your heart out?

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  1. Tammy … glad to have stumbled across your blog … read a couple of your entries and I loved them! I have to say this post really made me smile because I am the exact opposite of you. My kids are “plugged-in” and have been for years but me … well, not so much. I’ve recently begun embracing the whole blogging and website creation side of life. Have yet to set up facebook/twitter though. *Sigh* Keeping up with all this technology is a lot of work!

  2. I don’t know if it’ll get any easier, Tammy. I don’t have children, but I’m 34 years old. I called her from the conference to let her know what time my flight should arrive and she asked me if I made any friends. *laugh* She said she didn’t want me to be lonely there. It was sweet, so I don’t think you get over that at any time!

  3. I don’t think it makes you mean at all to have things approved before he accepts them. I think it means the obvious-you love him and want to protect him.

  4. Okay so mama’s problem is that I am moving to college in 3 days!!! YAY and that tiffany is now a junior in highschool.
    She is taking it well so far but I fear that Friday when it is time for her to leave me at the campus she will cry and grab on to me and Daddy will have to break us up 😛
    My little cousin is going to be fine. He is just getting to were he is branching out a little.. enjoy it! remember it! cause mama says it goes by fast and then he will be driving to town to hang out with friends…and then applying to college and then moving to college…so Enjoy it while it last!

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