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I’m sick. Chest is congested. Nose is running and stuffy at the same time (How is that even possible?). Aching all over. And trying not to say the F-word that goes with these symptoms.

I’ve tried all of the medicine I could get my hands on. (Not at the same time.) But nothing seems to help. I can’t breathe and breathing is kind of important.

So yesterday I went old school. Ask the older generation what to do about these symptoms and they all say the same thing. “Take a swig of whiskey, you’ll be better in the morning.”

I picked up this:

Yes, that is 103 proof Fighting Cock whiskey. It smells like rubbing alcohol. I can’t tell you how it tastes because all of my taste buds were burned off. But guess what? I can BREATHE!

What home remedies do you use?

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  1. I was feeling bad on Friday. I had it all planned: I was going to take some lemon juice, a bit of honey, and some brandy to make myself a hot toddy. I had the honey and the lemon but someone had either consumed the brandy, or thrown it out. *sniff* Hot toddies were what Mom used to give us when we were kids. With the upcoming cold season though, I’ll have to restock my brandy so I can be prepared!

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