New Board For GCCRWA

Saturday, we had the first meeting of the GCCRWA of the new year. With the new year, we have elected new board members. These lovely ladies have their work cut out for them. We are a crazy bunch of writers, who all seem to have ADD. There were at least three different people wanting to talk at once through the entire meeting. But our wonderful leaders kept it together and steered us all back to the topic at hand without having to use a cattle prod (which is amazing).

I learned a lot AND it was fun (a hard combination to find). So Kudos to you ladies. I’m looking forward to this new year. May we have a great one with lots of contract. Hey, I had to throw in a wish for us all. 🙂

This is from Silken Sands 2010

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  1. Cattle prods are not fun. Not that I know anything about that first-hand…er 😉 Go GCCRWA!

    • LOL, sure you don’t. I love the new picture, BTW.

  2. I do not resemble any of those remarks in the slightest missy so you better not have been talking about me. And cattle prods are not fun. Yes I do know. Now riding crops we can talk about they don’t leave marks and won’t put you in the ER unless you are very very lucky.

  3. Love you, too Tammy!

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