Stand Up and Speak Out

Bullying sucks. That should be enough said, but unfortunately it’s not. This is something that has been going on for WAY too long and it affects EVERY child. They have been bullied, bullied someone else, or seen it happening.

I am trying very hard not to name names or call out individuals because that would only help a few (if that). The point of this post is to call attention to the fact that this is going on and the only way it will stop is to take the power away from the bully.

Bullies rely on the fear that they put in the victim. That fear and intimidation prevents the child from standing up for himself or speaking out and letting the appropriate people know what’s going on. And it’s not only the victim who is intimidated. The witnesses could also do the right thing, but they are under the bullies power.

Here’s the thing. If these kids joined together and stood against the bully, he wouldn’t stand a chance. (I’m not talking about just physically. In fact, I would suggest getting physical only as a last resort and only enough to get away from the situation.)

Parents, PLEASE, speak to your kids about bullying. If they have seen it or been a victim of it, encourage them to report it. Children, stand up for each other and speak out against these bullies. Wouldn’t you want someone to do it for you?

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  1. I agree that bullying should never be swept under the rug or be seen as some sort of rite of passage which toughens a person. Bullying is harmful as well as denying a human’s right to be free from any form of harm.

  2. great post!! I hope it takes!!

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