iBooks now has Impending Reveries

I got my new iPhone 4s yesterday and found this while I was browsing the app store. Hmmm, looks familiar. 😉

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And the Winners Are…

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway on here and Twitter! I’ve decided to not only give away a free book on each, but also will give a discount to one other lucky entrant on each! 🙂 I really appreciate everyone’s interest in Impending Reveries.

And the winners are:

Blog winner: Denise

Twitter winner: @littleteteatete

The honorable mentions for 25% off are:

Blog: Margaret

Twitter: @quickmissive

Please send your email addresses to: gallant_tammy@yahoo.com for your coupon code.

Thank you all again! This was fun!

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Doctor’s Appointments and Other Dreaded Activities

I hate going to the doctor. And by hate I mean, you have to drag me, kicking and screaming, to the doctor. But guess what I’m doing today? That’s right. I’m going to the doctor. If it wasn’t bad enough, it’s THAT doctor I have to go to. The one all women dread. This month is breast cancer awareness month though, so it’s time.

To get through this, just like any other dreaded activity, I’ve promised myself a reward. I’ll be spending some time at a lovely coffee shop afterward, then shopping. But I still don’t want to go. *pouts*

It’s like that with my writing too. Impending Reveries didn’t take long to write. It was the editing that took me so long. Why is that? Because I kept putting it off. It was a dreaded activity. Editing sucks. Especially when you are editing your own work. Reading through, you see what you meant to write instead of what’s written. Ugh! Anyway, I finally made it through. And I’ve got my nice little reward to prove it. A reader’s delight. A shopping spree for books!

So I ask you: how do you get through dreaded activities? Do you offer yourself rewards?

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I have heard that Goodreads is a great site for authors and readers alike. So I spent some time setting up a profile and adding some of the books that I’ve read. Wow! There are too many for me to add them all.But I’m working on it. Especially the books written by authors I know personally. I’ve also reviewed a few and rated them all.

That’s something that readers don’t do enough of, IMO. Give the author feedback. I don’t care how big the author is. Knowing that a reader took the time to rate or review your book is an amazing feeling. It’s like when you were in school and the most popular kid in class said hello. It’s that kind of amazing.

You see, to an author, the readers are the popular kids. They are the ones that matter. Their opinions can make or break an author’s reputation. So if you haven’t done it yet, join Goodreads! Rate the books you’ve read. Give an honest review. Oh, and add me as a friend cause I can never have too many of those. 😉

I had to manually add Impending Reveries to their list, but it’s there now. Make sure to add it to your bookshelf.

I haven’t done a lot of exploring yet. Just set up the basics. So I want to ask you: how do you use Goodreads?

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Giveaways are fun for everyone! And in celebration of my new book, Impending Reveries, I will be giving away a copy.

Here’s how to enter: Comment on my blog post. That’s it. Every person who comments on every blog post this week will get one entry. Which means, if you comment on every post, you will receive SEVEN entries.

So… do you want to be a winner? Huh? Do you? 😉

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Twitter Giveaway!!!

I’m in a giving mood today, so let’s do a giveaway of my new book, Impending Reveries. For every RT of my blog posts this week, you will get one entry in the giveaway. Starting with this one. If you didn’t get here from my tweet, you can also click the share button at the bottom of this post. But don’t forget to mention me so that I can see it: @TammyJGallant.

The winner will be announced next Sunday. That means you have EIGHT chances to be entered. Today – Saturday, once per day. Good luck to you all!

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Stand Up and Speak Out

Bullying sucks. That should be enough said, but unfortunately it’s not. This is something that has been going on for WAY too long and it affects EVERY child. They have been bullied, bullied someone else, or seen it happening.

I am trying very hard not to name names or call out individuals because that would only help a few (if that). The point of this post is to call attention to the fact that this is going on and the only way it will stop is to take the power away from the bully.

Bullies rely on the fear that they put in the victim. That fear and intimidation prevents the child from standing up for himself or speaking out and letting the appropriate people know what’s going on. And it’s not only the victim who is intimidated. The witnesses could also do the right thing, but they are under the bullies power.

Here’s the thing. If these kids joined together and stood against the bully, he wouldn’t stand a chance. (I’m not talking about just physically. In fact, I would suggest getting physical only as a last resort and only enough to get away from the situation.)

Parents, PLEASE, speak to your kids about bullying. If they have seen it or been a victim of it, encourage them to report it. Children, stand up for each other and speak out against these bullies. Wouldn’t you want someone to do it for you?

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New Board For GCCRWA

Saturday, we had the first meeting of the GCCRWA of the new year. With the new year, we have elected new board members. These lovely ladies have their work cut out for them. We are a crazy bunch of writers, who all seem to have ADD. There were at least three different people wanting to talk at once through the entire meeting. But our wonderful leaders kept it together and steered us all back to the topic at hand without having to use a cattle prod (which is amazing).

I learned a lot AND it was fun (a hard combination to find). So Kudos to you ladies. I’m looking forward to this new year. May we have a great one with lots of contract. Hey, I had to throw in a wish for us all. 🙂

This is from Silken Sands 2010

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At Long Last … Silence

They say silence is golden and as a mom who works from home, I have to agree. Summer is a strain on not only my work but my patience. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son. I enjoy spending time with him. But when I’m in the middle of writing, his constant interruptions are trying, to say the least.

Here’s how it happens:

She was lost in his deep brown eyes, filled with passion. His lips moved closer and closer…. “MOM! Can I have some chips?”


The love scene was put on hold and the mood was lost.

I can’t tell you how many times this happened over the summer. But today is the day I have looked forward to for months, the first day of school! I dropped him off and found what all parents crave. Silence.

So, now that I’m back to sanity, how was your summer?

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Gifts of Underwear

In honor of the birthday gift I received from my hubby, I thought I’d point out the difference between men and women, yet again.

When a man receives underwear as a gift from his spouse, the following conversation ALWAYS occurs:

“What’s wrong with the underwear I’ve got?”

“Well for starters, they have holes in them.”

“They might have a few holes but all the important parts are covered.”

“They also have stains on them.”

“Yeah, I know. The stains hold them together. That’s why there’s no holes on that part!”

This leads to the spouse breaking down and throwing out the old undies so that the man has no choice but to accept the gift. (And if your hubby is like mine, you hide the undies at the bottom of the trash bag so he doesn’t dive in to “rescue” them.)

When a woman receives undies from the man in her life, a conversation rarely occurs, but the thoughts of each are very clear.

The man thinks, I’m sure to get laid for this gift.

The woman has thoughts that are different, but normally leads to the man getting his wish. This is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn. I wonder how long I have to wear it before I can take it off.

So, there you have it, yet another difference between men and women. Any questions?

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