I Think The Tree Looks Fine

This weekend, I did what many others did. I drug out the boxes and started decorating for the holidays. (Bah-humbug)

I put up the tree and started digging through the boxes of decorations, then, it happened. There was a rustling sound behind me. My son started screaming and I spun around to find something that I haven’t seen in over ten years.

Remember a few months ago, I did that sweet post about my new grandkitty? Well now he has a new nickname – “Satan’s spawn.”

I haven’t had kittens in the house during the holidays since Socks and Tiny were babies and that was a long time ago. So I forgot that no matter how many times you get the kitten out of the tree, as soon as your back is turned, he climbs it again. After doing this several times, while I was digging through boxes looking for ornaments, I finally decided that the tree looks fine as it is. After all, it has a kitten for an ornament.

Tell me, what’s your favorite ornament or decoration for the holidays? You will earn extra brownie points if you also tell me how to keep the #@$% kitten out of my tree.

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My New Grand-kitty

My youngest stepdaughter went to a job interview and came back with this:

His name is Ace and he is my new grand-kitty. He is so tiny! I can hold him in the palm of my hand!

The kitten is so sweet too. His favorite place to sleep is on my shoulder, curled up in my hair. He doesn’t walk or run, he bounces (We think he’s part bunny)

I’ll be kitty-sitting a lot because his mommy will be gone. Remember that interview I mentioned? Well, she starts Monday! WhoooHoooo!!!!!

So, have you gotten any good news lately?

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