A Mom’s Internal Conflict

Internal  conflict happens to us all. As a mom, my most frequent conflict is dealing with my child growing up.

On one hand, it seems like only yesterday that I held the tiny baby in my arms. He relied on me for everything and I could protect him from the world.

On the other side, he will not act his age! He just interrupted my writing by saying, “I’m thirsty.” My response was simple, “Well then, get you something to drink.” I tried (and failed) not to roll my eyes. He’s 12 years old!! He should know how to get a drink of water when he’s thirsty!

Do you see the conflict? It breaks my heart to see him growing up so fast but it infuriates me when he doesn’t act his age. Oh well, maybe he’ll grow out of it. Until then, Mom will have to deal with her internal conflict.

So, tell me, have you had any good conflicts lately?

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For Mom

When I was in 3rd grade, the teacher assigned a “What do you want to be when you grow up?” essay. My answer was my mom. Not A mom, MY Mom. She’s one of a kind.

I have always been her problem child. This caused her to have to punish me, but she would always cry harder than I would. The whole this-hurts-me-more-than-you rang true for my mom. I broke her heart more times than I can count, but she still oozed love.

Growing up, I don’t remember listening to the radio on our many road trips. Instead, we would play games and sing old songs (Charlie Brown was my favorite when Dad was with us). But before we would pull out of the drive, Mom always said a prayer for our safety.

She gave birth to three girls, but her children are countless. Our house was alway teeming with kids who would stop by to see her. Now, she has begun her magic on the younger generation. She is a mom to all, no matter their age.

Her gentle, patient heart is easily given away. There are pieces of her all over the world, yet she always finds more to give. Some (including me) have abused the precious gift that she has given, but she never complains. She is one of a kind.

In short (okay, not so short but whatever), I want my Mom to know how much she means, not only to me but to all the people whose lives she has touched. I am so thankful to have YOU as my mom.


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