Mad Muse!

I stupidly decided that I would wait to write the final book in my Impending Reveries saga and now my muse is mad.

This was my reasoning: I’ve already written 3 stories in the saga without the first being sold. When I get a contract, the editor will suggest changes, this is normal. My thought: Why finish the saga when I might have to go back and change it all?


I have started 5 new stories but I can’t get past the first couple of pages. My muse won’t let me. I have the ENTIRE book for my saga playing like a movie in my head. I can’t concentrate on anything else!

My solution: Write the damned story! I am giving in. I have apologized to my muse and will now do what she says! (I’m not sure that this will appease her, wine and chocolates may be called for.)

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