A Pen Name Or Real Name?

During the meeting Saturday, another newbie and I were discussing pen names. Do I need one? How do I choose one? Why should I have one? Well, this got me to thinking (yes, a dangerous thing, me thinking), I’ve been working so hard to get my name out there, what if I’m using the wrong name?

The established authors suggest that if you value your privacy, use a pen name. I personally don’t mind that, I might eat those words, but for now I don’t. I love interacting with people. That’s the reason I have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and a blog.

I started this blog with the hopes that one day all of my loyal readers could come and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, and just chat with me and other readers. So, it is my decision to continue using my real name for my young adult work.

On the other hand, if I ever decide to branch into a different genre, I will be using some other name. Let’s say I decided to write something that my mom wouldn’t want to brag to her friends about (spicy romance, crime drama, etc.), of course, I would use a pen name.

  • Now that you know my answer, tell me your answers:

When should an author use a pen name? What would your pen name be?

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