In Memory of Sunny

Yesterday morning my fur-baby Sunny passed away. To make matters worse, it happened on my 12 year-old son’s bed while he was getting ready for school.

My baby (I know he’s not a baby, but he’s MY baby) tried to put on a brave front, but his voice kept cracking and he had tears in his eyes. As he collected his things for school, he took a deep breath and said, “I want to make a cat room in my house in memory of Sunny.” The house that he’s talking about is a school project that he is doing with another boy for math class. He knows that it could cause him to be the object of scorn but his tender heart wants to do something to honor the memory of his friend, Sunny.

I don’t know if the other child will agree to this or not, but I am so proud of him for not hiding his feelings. Too many boys don’t have the courage to show any emotion. If he can love a cat this much, I can just imagine how lucky the girl he gives his heart to will be!

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