Spring Break: Scream or Pull My Hair Out?

My son has spring break this week. Yay?!? Don’t get me wrong, I love my child but….. I have had three major ideas come to me. Writing with a HYPER 12-year-old hanging on the back of your chair is not possible.

This is how my days have gone: I get up. Yay, no one is awake, that means I can get some writing done. I check my email first, respond to anything important. Pull up tweetdeck and check out everything I missed while I slept. Then open my WIP. As I skim the last paragraph that I wrote, I hear the squeak of a door. Crap! My hubby’s up. Okay, listen to him rant about politics, economy, whatever the issue of the day is, and try not to roll my eyes. Finally, he pauses and I turn back to the computer.

What comes next? He doesn’t talk to me, but he continues muttering about the issues. I roll my eyes, put my headphones on, and get back to work. NOTE: Do not wear headphones when you have a HYPER 12-year-old. He will jump on the back of your chair and scare the life out of you.

Okay, so now hubby and son are annoying me talking to me. I listen to them while my muse SCREAMS the next scene at me. NOTE: My muse is not the patient sort. She angers very easily. I do not want to face her wrath. I try to write while I listen to my hubby and son, and find myself typing what they are saying. (If you read my story and find my hero and heroine arguing about what kind of pickle is better, I apologize.)

Finally, my son goes to his room to play video games and hubs gets interested in the A-Team (nerd). I am engrossed in the current scene. Suddenly, my chair tips backward as my son asks what a word means. He had snuck up behind me and was reading over my shoulder. Not a good thing, seeing how the hero and heroine were in the throngs of passion. I scream at my son (I’m a bad mommy) which causes my hubby to fuss at my son about bothering me. Son runs to his room and slams the door.

Distractions abound and now I’m also being a bad mommy. I think I’ll take a break and watch a movie with the little turd to make it up to him. Can mommy have a vacation after he goes back to school?

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