Spring is in the ah-choo!

I love spring! Flowers blooming, birds chirping, warmer weather, pollen is on everything; okay the last part I hate! In fact, right now I’m coughing and sniffling and have a killer headache. Hold on, I’ll be right back …………………. Okay, took my allergy meds, what was I saying? Oh right, I love spring!

I live in the country. For you city slickers, country with a small c means rural area. When I say rural, I mean, I live 2 miles down a dead-end dirt road in the middle of a town that isn’t big enough to be a dot on a map. Directions to my house include phrases like: “the stop sign” (THE as in, the only one), “after the pond, you’ll see two churches” (yes, we have more churches than stop signs in this town).

Sorry for the rambling. The point is, I have a front row seat to the beauty of spring. Baby animals scamper across my front yard. I have dogwoods distracting me while I drive through their protective canopy of branches. I sit outdoors in the sun and hear nothing but the chirping of birds.

I was doing just that when an awful commotion came from the backyard. I jumped up and hurried to see what was going on. The sight made my heart clench. I love animals. All kinds (even snakes and spiders as long as they don’t get near me). What did I see before me? A poor little mocking-bird and a raccoon fighting over a piece of bread that I had thrown out the kitchen window earlier. I watched in terror as the little bird screeched his objections to the raccoon who had interrupted his meal.

For those of you who don’t know, raccoons can be VERY aggressive. I heard this animal hiss at the poor little bird and thought, here it comes, I’ll be cleaning up the carcass of the poor little bird in a few minutes. I looked away, not wanting to see what I knew was coming. To my surprise the animal arguing continued. So I peeked through my fingers and what I saw made me laugh so hard, tears were streaming down my face. This “poor little bird” was kicking that raccoon’s tail! The raccoon took off into the woods with the bird swooping after him. After a few minutes, the bird returned to his feast.

So, happy spring to you all. Don’t mess with mocking-birds. And remember, allergies are a good excuse for an afternoon nap.

What’s your favorite part of spring?

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