Warning for all computer addicts!

This is a warning for anyone who spends their time in front of the computer, like writers.

I spend most days (from 1 AM til about 8 PM) in front of the computer. I don’t even get up to eat; my hubby brings my food and puts it on the desk next to me for me to eat between paragraphs. This being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am not in very good shape.

Yesterday, I went shopping for new outfits to take to Pensacola Beach for the Silken Sands conference. I walked the mall for six hours. Can you guess what I feel like today? My entire body aches, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I think that even my hair hurts … yep, had to check, my hair hurts too.

Now, all of you computer addicts out there heed my warning. GET UP AND MOVE!!!!  I know it’s hard, especially if a story is flowing smoothly from you, but you must not forget that your muscles need to move or they will not work for you.

I am making a commitment right now, with all of you as my witnesses, to exercise at least ten minutes every day. I might need some of you to kick my rump into gear if I don’t stick with it, so be prepared. Who will join me in project: get off your rump?

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Gray hair, really?!?

Preparing for the Silken Sands Writer’s Conference next month means that I have a lot of getting ready to do. I have to get my pitch perfected, read over my manuscript yet again, and decide what clothes I am taking with me (including a swimsuit *EEEK* due to the fact that it will be held at Pensacola Beach).

I was discussing going shopping for a new wardrobe with a friend of mine when she asks, “Are you going to get your hair dyed before then? I see a few grays.”

“What?!?” I exclaimed, rushing to the mirror. Sure enough, several strands of gray were poking through my brown locks. To those of you who are proud of your gray, I commend you. I, however, think that I am too young to show these signs of wisdom. If they had been the beautiful highlights of white that I see on some lovely women of age, I would not have been so concerned. These were sticking out, mockingly, from various places throughout my hair.

As if I didn’t have enough on my mind to make me nervous! This is my first conference and being a novice is a nerve wracking experience. I have battled with myself over whether or not to even go to this event. Finally, I paid the fees and due to the economy was determined not to let the money go to waste. Now, that being said, I rushed to my phone and made an appointment with my favorite stylist. Whew, no gray will be seen after today.

Now I only have the minor worries of my pitch being perfected, my manuscript edited, and my wardrobe professional yet still show my individual style. No worries, right? *tear*

Any suggestions to calm my nerves would be greatly appreciated.

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