Where does inspiration come from?

Whether you are an aspiring writer like me or struggling with the day to day grind of the 9 to 5, everyone needs inspiration to keep going. Sometimes it comes from a place that you have been inspired from time and again, like the smile on your child’s face, but sometimes it comes from the most unexpected places.

I was having a particularly bad day a couple of weeks ago. I have these now and then and have found that the best thing for me to do is completely separate myself from my work. I decided to veg-out in front of the TV and watch a movie with my son. He is at that cute age (he would be so mad if he knew that I was saying this) where he says that he thinks girls are gross but the main TV shows that he watches are those that have the cute girls in them. He wanted to watch Hannah Montana.

I rolled my eyes but agreed to watch it with him. I needed a distraction and he is wonderful at distracting me. When we spend time together like that, I end up either laughing so much that my sides hurt or running to the computer to put my headphones on and escape into my own little world. So I put the movie in thinking, if nothing else making fun of the clichés that are normally in movies for tweens would distract me. To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad, but what really surprised me was that I was inspired.

At the end of the movie, Miley sings “The Climb”. If you have never listened to this song, I highly recommend it. I had been worrying about if I was going to make it as a writer. This song made me take a step back and remember why I began writing in the first place. I wanted to get the story from my head onto paper. I had not planned on letting ANYONE read it, much less getting it published so that the world could see into my head. I enjoy writing. It is my creative outlet. As soon as the movie was over, I rushed to my computer, downloaded the song, and started writing with it blaring from my headphones.

Moral of the story: if you enjoy doing something, don’t sweat the technical stuff, just enjoy it. If you find that you are no longer satisfied with your job, try to remember why you took that job in the first place.

What inspires you? Where is your motivation coming from?

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