Meet my fur babies

I would like to apologize to my sweet fur babies for not introducing you sooner.

Sunny: He is the newest member of our family. He is a tag along. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that he was taught to heel. Or maybe he’s just looking for a little protection from his big brothers. He enjoys lounging and trying to make Mommy spill her coffee on the way to her computer. Oh, and his brothers HATE him!

Socks: This is my dramatic baby. He is expressing his dislike of having his picture taken. His hobbies include: ignoring humans, pouting when he is the one being ignored, and stealing prey from his brother to get credit for himself. He’s a big kitty (people call him a panther) and a big baby. Scars on his chin and arm make him appear dangerous. Tangling with a Cottonmouth almost cost him his life when he was two years old. He is now ten and refuses to act his age. Oh, and I guess that I caused this by naming him Socks, but he has a foot fetish. He also will snuggle with shoes and eat flip-flops.

Tiny: Runt of the same litter of kittens as Socks, he’s the baby that Mommy tries to protect. He has other ideas. He is our mouser and, unlike his brothers, he never brings them inside. He lays them at the door and meows until someone notices so that he can receive his reward. For years, he was the sickly one. We have seen him on death’s door many times, but he’s always fought his way back to us. Due to him being so sickly, he never had the fun kitten year but he’s making up for it now. At ten years old, he will chase anything that moves (including Mommy’s feet, which she taps while she writes). He’s my heart and (don’t tell the others) Mommy’s favorite.

Thank you all for indulging Mommy’s bragging. Now I want to know about your fur babies. What kind of personality do they have?

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