Twitter Giveaway!!!

I’m in a giving mood today, so let’s do a giveaway of my new book, Impending Reveries. For every RT of my blog posts this week, you will get one entry in the giveaway. Starting with this one. If you didn’t get here from my tweet, you can also click the share button at the bottom of this post. But don’t forget to mention me so that I can see it: @TammyJGallant.

The winner will be announced next Sunday. That means you have EIGHT chances to be entered. Today – Saturday, once per day. Good luck to you all!

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This is the opposite of helpful!

My wonderful hubby was trying to be helpful yesterday. He supports me in whatever I do but sometimes support turns into slave-driving.

As soon as he woke up, he looked over my shoulder at the computer. “How much have you written today?”

I self-consciously closed Tweetdeck, “I wrote my blog.”

He gave me that look. You know, the one that parents give children when asking if their homework is done. Hubby shouldn’t give me that look. I reminded myself that he was just trying to be supportive and opened my WIP.

A few hours later, it happened again. I was doing online research for a scene, but the look he gave me suggests he didn’t believe that.

It happened several more times throughout the day and really started to piss me off upset me. Finally, I put the WIP away so that I wouldn’t take out my frustrations on my hero.

As a writer, I do research. I talk to other writers for encouragement (this includes Twitter). I stare off into space as I watch the scene in my mind before writing it. This IS my job. I AM working.

I know that my hubby was just trying to be his supportive, helpful self, but when I feel stressed, the creative juices slow. No one can stress me out more than the love of my life! I love you but stop being so darned “helpful!”

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