Young adult or not so young?

When I was told that my first novel should be considered young adult, I didn’t know what to think. I pictured children like my son, who is more interested in Pokémon than in anything that I would want to write about. My story is about romance!!!

I did some research on the young adult genre and realized that this can mean young women, not just children. I then started truly considering the differences between young women and those of us that are not so young (I refuse to say older). Are we really all that different than we were during our teenage and early twenty years? Before you answer this question, I made a list of what I mean. These are questions that all teens and twenty-something’s worry about.

1. Are you happy with your job or do you want to do something else when you grow up?

2. Is the man in your life in love with you?

3. Do you think you look good, even in a bathing suit?

4. Is your complexion flawless?

5. Do you know who you are?

If you answered yes to all of these, congratulations, please send me a friend invite because I’ve never met anyone like you. If your answer was no or maybe, you are a young adult, no matter your age.

All women, and men for that matter, want to answer yes to all of these but the sad truth is; most of us can’t. We may be able to answer yes to a few but I don’t know anyone who can say yes to all.

1. This is one that some may be able say yes to. I am currently thrilled with my job but will I still be this excite

d about it in ten years? I know myself well enough to answer maybe.

2. A question that truly hurts to consider if you’ve ever been blindsided by a breakup. Teenagers and young adults think about this with every relationship they are faced with. Seldom do “not so young” people truly answer this question. They normally answer without allowing themselves to really think about it. I am married to a wonderful man who cooks for me every day and does something to make me smile when I’m in a bad mood. He does little things every day to let me know that he cares but; do I KNOW that he’s in love with me? I think so, but I’ve been hurt in the past, so every once in a while, that old doubt wiggles its way through.

Me and the Fam cutting up

3. The lucky few who can answer yes to this should enjoy it while it lasts. Middle age does strange things to a body. I blame it on gravity but everything seems to migrate.

4. My complexion has never been flawless. I am in the “not so young” category and still have pimples.

5. I don’t think ANYONE can answer yes to this. Who I am depends on what mood I’m in at the time.

So I didn’t even have one yes. Does that mean that I’m a young adult? Finally, I get to answer YE

S! We are all young adults whether our birth date says we are or not. My heart still flutters like a teenager’s when that wonderful husband of mine looks at my imperfect complexion, trying on a bathing suit that I would never where in public, and he says, “You’re beautiful.”

If you are young at heart or if you are just young, enjoy the feeling. Take the time to let that inner kid out and have some fun. You may be surprised as to how many “not so young” people join you.

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