iBooks now has Impending Reveries

I got my new iPhone 4s yesterday and found this while I was browsing the app store. Hmmm, looks familiar. 😉

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Now Available at Barnes & Noble

Impending Reveries is now available at Barnes & Noble! Squeeeee!

Price: $2.99

Link: Impending Reveries

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Author Interview and Review

With Impending Reveries going strong on Smashwords and being shipped out to the bigger retailers (I’ll share links when available), it’s gotten some attention from a wonderful book blog.

A review for Impending Reveries: http://alaskanbookie.blogspot.com/2011/10/review-impending-reveries.html

And an author interview of yours truly: http://alaskanbookie.blogspot.com/2011/10/interview-with-new-author-tammy-gallant.html?spref=tw

Go, read, take a look around the site, then come back here and ASK ME ANYTHING! I’ve read author interviews and thought of questions that weren’t included. Well here’s your chance with me. What do you want to know?

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And the Winners Are…

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway on here and Twitter! I’ve decided to not only give away a free book on each, but also will give a discount to one other lucky entrant on each! 🙂 I really appreciate everyone’s interest in Impending Reveries.

And the winners are:

Blog winner: Denise

Twitter winner: @littleteteatete

The honorable mentions for 25% off are:

Blog: Margaret

Twitter: @quickmissive

Please send your email addresses to: gallant_tammy@yahoo.com for your coupon code.

Thank you all again! This was fun!

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Doctor’s Appointments and Other Dreaded Activities

I hate going to the doctor. And by hate I mean, you have to drag me, kicking and screaming, to the doctor. But guess what I’m doing today? That’s right. I’m going to the doctor. If it wasn’t bad enough, it’s THAT doctor I have to go to. The one all women dread. This month is breast cancer awareness month though, so it’s time.

To get through this, just like any other dreaded activity, I’ve promised myself a reward. I’ll be spending some time at a lovely coffee shop afterward, then shopping. But I still don’t want to go. *pouts*

It’s like that with my writing too. Impending Reveries didn’t take long to write. It was the editing that took me so long. Why is that? Because I kept putting it off. It was a dreaded activity. Editing sucks. Especially when you are editing your own work. Reading through, you see what you meant to write instead of what’s written. Ugh! Anyway, I finally made it through. And I’ve got my nice little reward to prove it. A reader’s delight. A shopping spree for books!

So I ask you: how do you get through dreaded activities? Do you offer yourself rewards?

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I have heard that Goodreads is a great site for authors and readers alike. So I spent some time setting up a profile and adding some of the books that I’ve read. Wow! There are too many for me to add them all.But I’m working on it. Especially the books written by authors I know personally. I’ve also reviewed a few and rated them all.

That’s something that readers don’t do enough of, IMO. Give the author feedback. I don’t care how big the author is. Knowing that a reader took the time to rate or review your book is an amazing feeling. It’s like when you were in school and the most popular kid in class said hello. It’s that kind of amazing.

You see, to an author, the readers are the popular kids. They are the ones that matter. Their opinions can make or break an author’s reputation. So if you haven’t done it yet, join Goodreads! Rate the books you’ve read. Give an honest review. Oh, and add me as a friend cause I can never have too many of those. 😉

I had to manually add Impending Reveries to their list, but it’s there now. Make sure to add it to your bookshelf.

I haven’t done a lot of exploring yet. Just set up the basics. So I want to ask you: how do you use Goodreads?

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Why I Self Pubbed

I’ve been asked this question a lot. Why did you self publish Impending Reveries? And I’d love to tell you all why.

Over the last year or so, I’ve made a lot of author friends. They have helped me to grow as a writer and as a person. I couldn’t have done any of this without them. But seeing their struggles has taught me a lot more. I’ve witnessed the horror stories of publishing. Publishers who don’t pay what’s promised. Editors who rewrite the work without permission. No notification of release date. And more.

Watching my friends go through this made me realize something. Yes, these aren’t the norm, but they DO happen. I write because I love to write. I publish to make money and to let others enjoy my imaginings. It also gives me a great sense of accomplishment to finish a story. So, if I can accomplish all of that without the chance of these horror stories happening to me, why shouldn’t I do it?

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Dreaming Of The Future

My recently published book, Impending Reveries, all started with a dream. I woke up from a really great dream of the future. It was one of those dreams that was so great, I didn’t want to wake up. I stayed in bed, day-dreaming about the dream coming true. But then my over-active imagination kicked in and I began to imagine what it would be like if all of my dreams were true.

That was the birth of Impending Reveries. A story of people whose dreams are more than any of them could imagine. They are reality as seen through their soul mate’s eyes.

Now my question to you: How would you react if you suddenly came face-to-face with your dreams in reality?

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Giveaways are fun for everyone! And in celebration of my new book, Impending Reveries, I will be giving away a copy.

Here’s how to enter: Comment on my blog post. That’s it. Every person who comments on every blog post this week will get one entry. Which means, if you comment on every post, you will receive SEVEN entries.

So… do you want to be a winner? Huh? Do you? 😉

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Twitter Giveaway!!!

I’m in a giving mood today, so let’s do a giveaway of my new book, Impending Reveries. For every RT of my blog posts this week, you will get one entry in the giveaway. Starting with this one. If you didn’t get here from my tweet, you can also click the share button at the bottom of this post. But don’t forget to mention me so that I can see it: @TammyJGallant.

The winner will be announced next Sunday. That means you have EIGHT chances to be entered. Today – Saturday, once per day. Good luck to you all!

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